Get Real.

True friends know each other inside and out. Quirks, fast food preferences, bad haircuts and all. No truth is too ugly to uncover, no wound too deep to heal. So let’s get real- here are 25 things about me.


Question 1: Guilty Pleasure?

Answer: That’s easy. Wine, Cashmere, and Massages. Bonus points if all 3 happen at the same time.


Question 2: Clothing item you wouldn’t be caught dead in?

Answer: Overalls, crop top, harem pants, culottes. I paid my dues with those already in life.


Question 3: First thing you do in the morning?

Answer: Roll over. Moan. Stretch. Repeat.


Question 4: Most binge worthy Netflix show?

Answer: Stranger Things. I’m already (un)patiently waiting for season 3!


Question 5: Favorite place in the world?

Answer: The St Regis at Princeville Resort in Kauai, Hawaii. It truly is like God took all of the best things he created and put them here- lush greenery, waterfalls, mountains, crystal blue water. It is pure magic.


Question: 6: Team you root for even when it seems that every season is a “rebuilding season?”

Answer: TEXANS! Rebuild on, I can wait.


Question 7: Currently pinning?

Answer: Inspirational quotes, home decor, and anything Meghan Markle.blogpost_25-01


Question 8: Signature Scent?

Answer: Amber Lavender by Jo Malone


Question 9: Who makes you laugh the hardest?

Answer: Kat McKinnon, and I have to say, the Will and Grace revival is insanely satisfying.


Question 10: Last thing you do before falling asleep?

Answer: Read. I’m currently still on my New Year Resolution kick of health so I just started reading The Dr.’s Book of Natural Health Remedies. This might be a coaster by March when my health dedication fades…so I’ll keep you posted!


Question 11: One thing that is saving your life right now?

Answer: Long. Hot. Baths.


Question 12: What is your Whataburger order?

Answer: #1 meal with everything. Hold the pickles and mayo. I’m still desperately searching the index of The Dr.’s Book of Natural Health Remedies for Whataburger but I just can’t seem to find it…


Question 13: How do you unwind?

Answer: Aromatherapy is a must. My favorite scent right now is the Serenity Blend by Doterra.


Question 14: Worst haircut?

Answer: There have been many. My perm days in high school, though, cut the deepest.


Question 15: What do you whisper to yourself when you need motivation?

Answer: “I can handle this.” I have a lot coming at me between owning my own business, a special needs daughter, and a high school senior. It seems someone needs something from me all the time which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but I try to reset my frame of mind by reminding myself that I can handle every curveball thrown my way. And if I still feel overwhelmed, I (man)handle  Whataburger while I figure out the rest as I go.


Question 16: Do you have a spirit animal?

Answer: Butterflies. Every time I see one I feel something deeper. It is almost like they are little earth angels sent my way to guide me and connect me to something greater than myself.


Question 17: What is your greatest blessing?

Answer: My marriage, without a doubt.


Question 18: What is your ultimate healer?

Answer: Humor coupled with a heavy dose of vulgarity and few f’bombs usually takes the edge off.


Question 19: Creative outlet outside of Design?

Answer: Writing. I find so much peace in getting my thoughts out- it’s the world’s cheapest therapy, monetarily-speaking, but emotionally, it is the richest experience.


Question 20: Any OCD tendencies we should know about?

Answer: My home. It’s my sacred space and it has to be clean at all times. You can come over and touch things, but I might sweep behind you as you walk out.


Question 21: You love interior design, what is one movie home you wish you could move into?

Answer: The home in the movie It’s Complicated– it’s a gorgeous ranch/Spanish Hacienda style home and it is what dreams are made of! Meryl can stay too…as long as she picks up after herself.


Question 22: Who would you trade lives with?

Answer: India Hicks. Live in the Bahamas and be British Royalty…sign me up! I’m currently writing her an offer for trading lives, but I’m not sure it’s a fair trade!


Question 23: Favorite TV Show?

Answer: Madam Secretary. I bow down to Tea Leoni!


Question 24: What has surprised you most about Motherhood?

Answer: How much my kids have taught me about life and myself. You grow up thinking it is the other way around but it’s surprising how quickly that changes.


Question 25: Current soundtrack to your life?

Answer: The sound track to The Greatest Showman is on constant rotation at my house. My daughter loves the movie and I love the message. It’s almost as if I needed this movies message as I moved into the New Year- it’s all about celebrating differences as well as having a vision and realizing that vision even when the odds are stacked against you. Having the soundtrack playing all the damn time is a great reminder for me to remember my goals are not out of reach no matter how many obstacles stand in my way.


Bonus Question: What are your favorite things to purchase on Amazon?

Answer: (Scrolls through order history…) Ardell Demi Wispies, Compagnie de Provence Hand Soap in Lavender, books (LOTS of books), Essential Oils, and Vitamins.



I’d love to get to know you more! Leave a few facts about you in the comments and let’s take our friendship to the next level.

XO, Elaine

There Is No Stopping Me

Last week — September 14th to be exact — was my mom’s 75th birthday. I have not been shy here on the blog in letting you know that she is fighting stage 4 cancer and just recently completed a chemo regimen. I’ve also mentioned that I have in the last year embraced poetry as a creative outlet.

Well, today I am sharing a poem I wrote to honor my wonderful mom on her day last week. Her strength, resilience and fight truly inspire me. She is the reason I do what I do and this poem is my tribute to her on this landmark birthday. I love you, Mom!

XOXO, Elaine


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For My Birthday: Love, Acceptance and a Little Cloudy Bay

yogaDear Friends-

Sometimes coincidences are not so coincidental.

Just as I was walking into my morning yoga class today, a fellow special needs mom/warrior friend forwarded a blog post instructing, “YOU MUST READ THIS!” So I did, and in a matter of minutes, I had tears streaming down my face.

In this post, a beautiful, courageous woman named Prima wrote of her experiences as the mother of an eleven-year-old autistic son. Her words struck me and this passage inspired me:

We have difficult days, sometimes weeks. I purposely choose not to talk about the difficult moments, because I am a “glass half full” kind of gal. I try my best to remain focused on the positive things in life; however, difficult moments do manage to come my way. All the time. Usually after a long and difficult week, my faith in everything I do is put to the test. Every time I am faced with one of life’s many obstacles, I can’t help but wonder if everything we do is worth it, if all the sacrifices will lead to the ultimate goal. And then I reflect; I think about the bigger picture and realize that, when things fall apart, it is simply part of the healing process.

After reading it, I quickly scooted into my yoga class, the instructor glancing as I wiped tears from my face. Crap, she knows I’m not at peace right now.

Now, I like to act like I have my shit together at yoga with my ‘I can be Buddha too’ mindset. But then karma pays a visit and you find yourself walking into yoga class crying. I know the whole point is acceptance, even if you aren’t sitting under a Bodhi tree, but we westerners just can’t help ourselves with our perfectionism. You know it’s bad when you’re practicing perfection at yoga — I’ve got real issues, don’t I?

After the warm up poses, the teacher said, “Okay, I want to set an intention for our class today. I want you all to think about acceptance, releasing all expectations and self-love.” I could have sworn she gave me a quick nod. She’s onto me!

Well, after this second coincidence, I began to rethink by birthday message, and rather than offer you some high and mighty advice in a listicle about what I think I know and have learned over the past year, I thought: what if I just told the truth?

And the truth is, I’ve been feeling like shit lately. (THAT felt good!) And, instead of pretending to have it all together, I reasoned, I need to love and accept where I am right now and have faith that my pain is all a part of the process of growing, healing and becoming stronger.

This advice has been extremely hard to follow because I’ve been on a roller coaster ride of emotions, and I’m struggling to figure out exactly why. For many of us the long, lazy, easy days of summer are a welcome, long overdue break, but for some of us, the change in scheduling proves more challenging.

The summer season is always harder for my daughter, Marlie. She becomes more anxious and frustrated, and her challenges become more evident. Somehow when you throw out the disciplined daily routines, her everyday vulnerabilities come to light. I see, feel and hear her frustrations and fears and they absorb into every molecule of my being. All I want to do is help my baby, but at times, there is nothing I can do.

I feel helpless, scared and quite frankly, exhausted. I often find myself emotionally stuck in that dangerous place between what it is and what I wish it could be. I’m desperately crawling my way back towards the present and doing all I can to find acceptance, love and peace there.

Every single day is a test for me to stay in the now — embracing her right where she is, not wishing or thinking it could be different, but knowing that this is her miraculous journey, her one of a kind story and to celebrate it for its truth, authenticity, and hope.

Like Prima, I consider myself a “glass half full type of gal.” But lately I’ve let my emotions get the best of me. On one hand, you want to trust them because it they feel so real, so raw, so true, but on the other hand, a deeper, more knowing part senses they are visiting acquaintances that do not have any real, sustained interest in my long term well being.

There is an old quote which states, “Feel what you feel and do not deny your truth.” But if I feel like shit, what then?

Inevitably, the cesspool of negative emotion leads to a feeling of guilt that I am even feeling what I am feeling in the first place. Oh the joys of being a woman — guilt mixed in with anger can be a lethal combination. Cue Maleficent. If I show up for work wearing a pair of black leather horns, its official – I’m a goner.

Put simply, I’m just not sure there are clear answers to experiencing pain and complex, difficult emotions. I do know that a certain amount of self-love and acceptance about where you are is a good thing. I guess I just keep telling myself that there are no skipped steps and I need to feel what I feel, to roll around in it, so to speak, to get to higher ground.

But now I sense a need to lay down my sword in search for peace, solitude and healing. Perhaps this is my soul’s way of communicating to me. Maybe it’s a primal message sent to ensure my survival that I am to stop, listen and just be.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to pledge to love and accept myself on this 11th day of August celebrating my 46th year of life on Earth. (Forty-six, meh…I’m still trying to get on board with this one.) I accept this temporary dip in emotional health as just another step toward becoming a better, stronger version of myself. And as Prima states,

For the healing to happen, you need to leave room for all of it: for the grief, the pain, the tears, the anger.

Well, I can safely say I’ve left room for all of the above to fully manifest, and I do feel the healing has begun. Thanks to Prima for her brave, heartfelt post, to my yoga teacher for her encouraging intention, and to Cloudy Bay, my favorite Sauvignon Blanc for its soothing powers. I am now in a much better place 😉

marlieI’ll leave you with this picture of Marlie at Space Center Houston. She loved being there and when I asked why she said, “Because I want to be an astronaut and go far, far away and visit aliens.”

Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. If healing, self-love and acceptance aren’t your thing, then escaping to another planet can always be an option. You gotta’ love her.

Happy Birthday to Me!

XOXO, Elaine

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