Breathe In. Breathe Out. ;-)

I’ve been practicing yoga for several years now and I just love the meditative aspect of it. Sometimes I even combine yoga and wine and catch up with my girlfriends. 😉

Taking it one step further and in keeping with our topic this month of cleaning out and creating space, I’m trying to commit to a meditation practice.

It’s harder than I thought. I guess I have what they call “monkey brain”! This process reminded me to share with y’all one of my favorite meditations.

This one works on a totally different level, and really spoke to me. So get into your sacred space and cue it up. I just know you will love it.  😉

See? Don’t you feel great? It’s Friday and you’ve just engaged in a bit of laughter therapy !!!

Have a terrific weekend!

I’m Seizing the Cray Today!

I don’t know about you but the Houston flood set me back. My house is a wreck, my kids are not back in school and I needed a little levity today.

A friend just forwarded me this and it MADE MY DAY. Always aspiring to be better, but REAL is REAL! Sometimes you just gotta “seize the cray.” Love this commercial.

Thanks for making me laugh today Organic Valley!

Enjoy! ♥ Elaine