Tropical Prints & Statement Sleeves Dominate This Spring

Hi Friends-

Spring is in full force these days. Flowers are blooming, the air is crisp, and my sinuses are under attack (thanks a lot, pollen). As you are well aware, our Modern Havana collection is live in stores and online. It’s been such a journey from design to implementation, and I couldn’t be happier to see the collection come to life—and see YOU wearing it! Rock those Landas and Kimberly wedges, girl.

One of the best things about this collection, and all of the collections we design, is our commitment to attempt to seamlessly merge industry trends into our assortment while also staying true to our core Elaine Turner brand aesthetic. It’s not as easy as it sounds actually, but it’s a job I gladly accept — I’ll take interpreting trends over brain surgery any day!

As you know, trends are constantly evolving in fashion, which is inspiring to us during the design process, but my mission is to always remain true to our signature brand identity and purpose. The question I often ask myself before the design process begins is: how do I stay true to my customer and continue to inspire her with newness? I find myself walking a fine line each season in an attempt to discover the answer. Interpreting the latest trends each season allows us to modernize our brand in a way that is fresh and new to the consumer and I embrace the journey.

Luckily, this season has several trends that are in complete synergy with our brand sensibility. It’s been extremely fulfilling to see the trends come full circle and to see novelty, fun and color come back in full force!

Here are some of our favorite trends this season. I hope you find them as inspiring as we do!

Tropical Trends

It’s all about the tropics this season! And there is nothing more satisfying than to see this trend all over the market. Elaine Turner loves to create a sense of fantasy, wanderlust and escapism in our designs. You will see raffia, color and signature tropical prints across our Havana collection.

Palm Print

  • A customized print of the season, our palm print material instantly adds color to any outfit. It’s truly reminiscent of tropical living but glam enough to be worn anywhere.
  • You can find our palm print material on our Larissa dress, Landa dress, and Tamara shirt.


Tropicana Python

  • We all know I love python as it is a signature ET textile, and our Tropicana python this season is unique and stunning. Another customized print, it is the statement of the season. Its multi-colored vibrant hues give a WOW factor to handbags and shoes.
  • You can find our Tropicana Python material on our Karina wedge, Rio sandal, Bella clutch, Franklyn bag, Simona bag, and Mini coin wallet.

Sleeve Details

Sleeves can make or break a piece of apparel. And, here at Elaine Turner, we strongly believe in a statement sleeve to bring the glam.

Open Shoulder/Slits

  • Turn up the heat with a this fun trend detail of the season, an open shoulder/slit. It’s modern, chic, and gives a sense of elegance to your apparel all around.
  • You can find open sleeves/slits on our Clarita shirt and Landa Kaftan.


  • When you’re feeling flirtatious, off-the-shoulder is the way to go. It’s a key trend for the spring and a key trend for Havana!
  • You can find off-the-shoulder sleeves on our Liliana dresses.









  • Flowy sleeves are our favorite. It provides a beautiful volume to any dress or shirt instantly.
  • You can find wing sleeves on our Larissa dress, Leya dress, and Lainey dress.


Go-To Sneakers

The casual chic movement is probably the most significant trend in the market the past several seasons. Our sneakers continue to shine as the perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe. Sneakers are constantly evolving as a trend in fashion, and we love incorporating them in our collections season after season.

  • Sneakers that can be worn with jeans to a sundress are hard to pull off, but our sneakers tend to do the trick. They’re casual, yet cool and most importantly, comfortable!
  • Find this trend in our best-selling Maddie sneakers.

Whatever your favorite trend of the season, ET offers numerous options to enliven your wardrobe. I invite you to explore these trends in beautiful, unique statement pieces. Most importantly, have fun with spring fashion this season.

Happy shopping, trendsetters!


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On Silk Tassels & Colorful Beads: Peek Behind the Curtain to Meet ET Designer Amy Dust

Dear Friends-

We are all about transformation and renewal this month. Often times, new people that walk into our lives are an essential part of our personal growth. It’s through these new relationships that we tend to learn more about who we are and what we need.

And, with it being International Women’s Day, it felt natural to highlight a talented, empowered, creative young woman. At Elaine Turner we are committed to empowering women and making difference, so today allow me the honor to introduce designer Amy Dust.

I met Amy about a year ago after her fiancé was offered a job he could not refuse in Houston. This girl can design anything, and her gift lies in jewelry. Her laid back, open-minded spirit is contagious. She has a can-do attitude and is committed to do whatever it takes to help our team thrive. She has willingly stood in when needed for both our shoe and apparel fit sessions. Can you say jack of all trades anyone?! (A model and a designer! Barf.)

No, but really, I have truly valued our time together and am thrilled to introduce you to her. She’s the creative force behind our newly introduced Crown Collection. Amy approached me about designing a limited edition collection that she would design and produce in our Houston studios, and I jumped at the chance. This new handmade, locally sourced, exclusive collection has been such a fun addition to my product line. I love Amy’s debut and I know you will too.

XOXO, Elaine

Amy Dust designed the Cha Cha (L) and Crown (R) Collections.

Tell us about your role at the company and what you love about working at ET.
I design jewelry. I love the people and the creative freedom.

What’s your personal style?
Comfort is key, after that I tend to go for classic pieces with an edge and anything black.

What is your creative process and how does it relate to the new jewelry collections?
With jewelry I’ll usually start with an idea or inspiration but once I see and feel the raw materials, new ideas will start to pop and the creativity starts to flow. This season we were really inspired by Modern Havana. When shopping for materials I had an emotional reaction to these multi-colored beads that ended up becoming the inspiration for the rest of this season’s Crown Collection.

What is your favorite design element of Cha Cha Collection?
I love the uber-luxe tassels we used. They’re made from silk and are so soft to touch and the colors are also really saturated and rich.

What is your favorite piece in the spring collection?
The Olive bag in Python, and anything in the Havana Palm Print.

Amy loves the Havana Palm Print.






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Go Glam for Oscar!

Hi, Everyone!

As a designer, it’s inspiring to keep up with fashion’s big events—and my favorite night of ALL is the Academy Awards. It doesn’t get more glamorous than this mash-up of film and fashion. When I’m watching the Oscar’s red carpet, you can practically see the stars in my eyes.

Iconic Oscar looks are so hard to nail, so I tip my hat to the designers that pull off timeless looks that people still talk about to this day. We all have our unique list of favorite looks (there are so many to choose from!) but here are my top five Oscar looks through the years.

Iconic Old Hollywood

gracekellyGrace Kelly has inspired me in so many ways. My Olive top handle bag was inspired by the “Kelly” bag made famous by the star herself in the early 1950s. I love her Oscars look in 1956. She exuded classic glamour with this white embroidered gown and refined tulle neckline.

Age Is Only a Number

If I had one word to describe Helen Mirren it’s GORG. She literally makes me want to age. Just look at her in this Christian Lacroix gown from the 2007 Oscars. I mean, it only makes sense that she would play a queen! Helen proves that age is just a number when you’re this chic.helenmirren

Rule Breaker

sharonstoneI can always appreciate when a different look shows up on the carpet. If it doesn’t involve a swan or rubber gloves, I’m usually all about it. Especially when Sharon Stone showed up in a purple Vera Wang skirt and a white button-down shirt from The Gap at the 1998 Oscars. So bold, I love it!

Effortlessly Beautiful

penelopePenelope Cruz is one of those stars that looks amazing at every award show. Her 2007 Oscars look in particular was out of this world. She looked so ethereal in this blush pink Atelier Versace gown, she was practically floating. It is by far my pick for the most beautiful Oscars look ever.

Modern Maiden

Modernizing classic shapes is what my brand is all about. So when I see a gown like Gwyneth Paltrow’s from 2012, I am drawn to it. This striking Tom Ford cape dress brings classic Hollywood elegance into the modern era. gwyneth

Collectively, these looks won me over and I’m excited to see what steals my heart this year. But the most rewarding part of it all is stargazing the event with your girlfriends. It’s super fun to get dolled up and share the experience with your friends. Who’s with me?!

If you’re watching with fabulous people, dress up your Academy Awards watch party look with some of our award-winning accessories.

148Your best-supporting wedge will go to our Kimberly shoe—it’s chic and goes perfectly with any outfit. The memory foam insole, in particular, will keep your foot snug with ultimate comfort all day long.

9The envelope for the best clutch goes to…. our envelope clutch, Bella! Bella is classic Elaine Turner and will add a pop of elegance to any outfit.

Our best leading bag of the season goes to Calla. Its classic silhouette embossed with Brazilian leather will win you over and over again. 58

And if that isn’t enough, visit our website to see the inspiring list of other nominees that will accessorize your outfit. Either way, we know you’ll have a blast watching the show—I know I’ll be drooling over the looks.


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