Jewelry Issue: 4th of July Jewelry

Wake up and smell the barbecue people, because the 4th of July is upon us. Can you think of a better summer holiday? It’s all about hot summer fun and coming together with friends and family for a good ole’ time. I can still remember when I first witnessed the crack of sparkling fireworks and the sticky sweetness of the most patriotic Popsicle I had ever seen. To put it simply, July 4th is, was, and will always be awesome.

There is so much to enjoy about this holiday, and there is also great perspective to gain from its historical reminder. July 4th is about celebrating our country’s resilience. It inspires me to keep working to give women that same feeling of strength and independence in their everyday lives. Isn’t that what the American spirit is all about?


So, for this Independence Day, I am both proud and delighted to announce our new 4th of July jewelry collection. Whether you’re home shooting the breeze with loved ones or somewhere fulfilling your wanderlust and partying with new friends, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to show off your independent style. And what better way to celebrate your favorite holiday than with some trendy, patriotic flair? After all, you never know how bright a firework can be until you aim it toward the sky.

Here is an inside look at our July 4th Jewelry line. From tassels to choker to hoops, these locally sourced, made-in-Houston pieces are so in tune with the trends this summer, it’s giving me goosebumps in this 95-degree heat!

Let’s Talk Tassel

An Elaine Turner staple and one of this summer’s hottest trends, tassels are everywhere. This fun, cascading accessory is a dazzling pick-me-up for any look. As far as 4th of July jewelry goes, tasseled earrings fire on three cylinders, capturing the spirit of the holiday: simple, bright, and bold.

How to Rock it:

  • Lizette Triple comes in a Red/Pink and even in Red, White, and Blue! Your Independence Day style will seriously benefit from the colorful, patriotic vibes.
  • Lizette Quadruple has the drama you’ve been looking for. This beautiful piece hits four different shades of blue and contains gold French wire hooks.

4th 2

Star-Spangled Earrings

Independence Day lets us express how much we love this country and there’s nothing more patriotic than stars. Why not go all out for the holiday and dawn a pair of shiny, gold star earrings? Count me in!

How to Rock It:

  • Kat comes in patriotic red and blue and combines two major summer trends: hoops and tassels. This 4th of July earring is the ultimate fusion of golden American spirit and the summer’s biggest trends.
  • Is there anything that symbolizes Independence Day better than stars? Whether you’re thinking of what’s shining over your backyard or the group 50 on a waving flag, you simply cannot get into the July 4th spirit without stars. This gold and crystal star earring will give you all the pride, elegance, and glamour you need to maximize your Independence Day style.

4th 4

Chalk It Up to Chokers

You don’t need me to tell you that chokers are all the rage. If you haven’t seen them by now, you might want to check your pulse. We are in the midst of a choker revolution, and we are loving it. I say we tap into the revolutionary spirit for this 4th of July and embrace this close-fitting necklace. Long live chokers!

How to Rock It:

  • Lucia in Suede is a choker dipped in glamour. With a star-shaped, crystal and gunmetal pennant, this 4th of July necklace is both elegant and rebellious, like all revolutions should be. It comes in a tan suede or in light blue crystal with a pop of red.

4th 3

I can’t wait to see how you channel your independence this July 4th. May your 4th of July jewelry and your weekend be as patriotic as it is effortlessly glamorous.

XOXO, Elaine

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