ET Rice Village Boutique Loads the Sleigh for Boot Campaign’s Santa Boots Program

Ho, ho, ho! Erica and Judy loved playing Santa and packed the bag FULL of ET goodies for some amazing and deserving military wives.

Dear Friends —

In last week’s post, I wrote about how stepping outside of our minds and working in service to others can be helpful in letting go of “stuff” (stress, holiday obligations, etc.). Getting out of our head brings focus to the “other” — the person, people or organization we are helping — and allows us to momentarily forget our stressors. That’s just what my team did recently with Santa Boots, a program of Boot Campaign. 

One of my Rice Village boutique team members, Norma Pineda, was made aware of a need for gift items for Santa Boots. In its second year, this is a gratitude program of the Boot Campaign. (This makes me smile and recall our gratitude conversation last month on the blog.) As an outward expression of appreciation for their service and sacrifice, Boot Campaign Santa Boots surprises deserving military families with holiday gifts. The families are referred to Boot Campaign from a network of supporters and partner organizations.

You can see it in action in this clip where a school honor society in Tyler helped wrap the gifts, then gifts are distributed by volunteer “elves.” 

Led by Norma, my Rice Village retail team including Erica Baskin and Judy Mui put together a package of wallets, clutches and personal thank you notes for these service member wives. Now remember that many of these women are raising kids and holding down the fort while their spouses protect and serve away from home. These women do A LOT to support their husbands and families and I am thrilled that my company had the opportunity to spoil them with some Elaine Turner merchandise. img_1610

I have a personal connection to Boot Campaign as well. My dear friend Leigh Ann Ranslem, who I have known since our days at UT, is a founding Boot Girl and works enthusiastically in support of our military community. Be sure to check out Boot Campaign here. Since its founding in 2009, the Boot Campaign has given more than $2 million annually to help service members. (Wow!)

We are honored to support these military families and participate in Santa Boots this year. Thank you Boot Campaign for all that you do!


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