August is Here & A New Season is On Its Way!

Hi Friends,
I’ve heard
 from a lot of you since posting last week about my Santa Barbara trip. Quick rewind – I was grateful to visit beautiful Santa Barbara on a girls’ trip in July. I have a lot going on personally right now (which I have detailed here on the blog) and getting away really got me thinking. I would love to say I returned home refreshed and renewed, but instead what ensued upon re-entry was a big ‘ole all encompassing, family-wide meltdown. You can read more about it here.

I guess this was not all that unfamiliar to you all :-P, because it seems this piece resonated with readers and I am thrilled. My story is a cautionary tale and it ended with a reminder to take care of yourself by tuning into what you need and creating a sense of peace around you every day. Now, this is a tall order. But I am thrilled to say that we’re going to explore these themes in depth in August on the blog.

Look, it’s crazy times right now – a looming election featuring what many folks consider less than desirable candidates on BOTH sides of the aisle (not to get too political or anything!), daily terror attacks around the globe and a less than favorable economy, especially in my energy-centric town. And needless to say, these national and global stressors can amplify anxiety already being felt on a personal level. Creating peace has gone from being a “nice-to-have” to a “must.”

For most of us, August is a month of transition and change. It’s back-to-school month and a time we start to get excited about fall fashion, fall football and fall foliage. And, almost like the start of the year, we ease back into the safety of our structured, daily routines, and if we are mindful, we have a chance to kick-start new, healthy habits and grow in the process. So, let’s just say we have an opportunity to start anew and find our center and say goodbye to the lazy, long, unstructured days of summer. Are you ready? I know I am.

With all that being said, our theme for August is: A Change of Season Brings An Opportunity for Growth & A Return to Daily Healthy Routines.

I am also beyond thrilled about the collaborators and gurus we will be featuring this month. We are excited to have two of our blog favorites back this month —  holistic health and behavioral specialist Heather Goodwin, and our favorite yogini, meditation expert and author Elizabeth Irvine. And, last but definitely not least, we are honored to introduce you all to a new guest contributor, Sara Eliason, professional colorist and designer. She is going to educate us on the power of color and what it can do to transform our lives. We cannot wait to learn from them and hear how they help us stay centered, self-aware and peaceful in times of inner and outer stress.

Here’s to a change in routine, boots, football and falling leaves – a new season is on its way! Please join me this month in becoming a healthier, happier YOU.

XOXO, Elaine

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