Mid Summer Wanderlust

Hi friends!

It’s July and this month we’re talking travel and wanderlust on the blog. Digging deeper, I really want to explore the idea of staying present mentally while on a journey physically. Think about it – aren’t you more present when your everyday routine gets shaken up in a good way, like when on vacation? I know I am.

This got me thinking about why we travel. Most obviously we travel with family and friends to get away, escape the routine and relax. But more than that, we travel to discover new things, whether it is an entire culture or simply a new restaurant, a new museum or a beautiful new beach. We try new things like paddle boarding with our kids, spouse or friends and meet interesting new people from across the country in a cooking class. These interactions have a way of opening one’s eyes to a new way of thinking. As Marcel Proust said,

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

And the journey does not have to be far or crazy expensive. A staycation while playing tourist in your own town can lead to new, exciting discoveries. You can also travel in your imagination with books and travel vicariously through movies. Yes, there’s certainly more than one way to travel!

So how do you travel and what does it mean to you? I invite you to join the conversation, and enjoy some eye-opening excursions this summer!

XOXO, Elaine

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2 thoughts on “Mid Summer Wanderlust

  1. We are in the beautiful Colorado mountains celebrating the accomplishments of our older son and gifting him his favorite thing to do – fishing!
    For the first time we traveled out of state without our younger son who has special needs and would not have enjoyed this trip. He is safe with his grandparents but my mommy’s heart hurts that we are not able to all be together but I am being MINDFUL and PRESENT of our beautiful surroundings and the joy on my older son’s face. These moments are fleeting and I have to push the mommy guilt away and enjoy this one on one time with my son that is happening right now!
    Thank you for the reminder Elaine.
    We are blessed with sunny blue skies and it is only 54 amazing degrees here right now – sorry Texas peeps!


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