Summer’s Here. Awaken Your Creativity!

cicada-908128_1280Dear Friends,

June is here and it’s S-U-M-M-E-R time. Ah, at last, the lazy, long days and hot, humid nights filled with the cacophony of cicadas’ songs. (Side note: did you know cicadas go underground for 17 years before they transform into full adulthood? Apparently, they burrow and prepare and then, ta-da, they emerge into their full being.)

Well, this got me thinking about our June theme which is about awakening to your creativity and embracing your curiosity and finding inspiration. Aren’t we all at times hiding in our own lives? Hiding from the hidden potential within? I know I do. There are so many reasons to get stuck, to burrow, to hide.

Fear is a big reason. We continue to tell ourselves stories that limit us. We create our own personal myths and these myths keep us underground. We identify so greatly to concepts, ideas, themes, tangible realities. We feel this is our true essence. But is it? Are we really just a set of ideas?

Or, are we something much bigger and much harder to define? I know that might sound a little woo-woo right now but stay with me. I want you to go on this journey with me and allow yourself the freedom to release the chains that bind you and hopefully discover a part of you that you never looked at before. Who knows, maybe that random match book collection, herb garden or old pottery wheel holds a deeper part of you than you might realize.

There’s no better time to do this than now! I know for me summer is a time to reset, step back, slow down and be in the moment. When I was a little girl, summer was my very favorite time of year — the ease of it, the freedom of it, the spontaneity of it. It’s a time to let go and embrace what is and the possibilities of what could be. Are you ready?

So, I can hear you now, “What is she getting at? Somehow I’ve tucked away my creative potential deep within? Well, that’s just plain stupid because I’m not creative. I’m a numbers person. I’m logical. I’m rational. I don’t succumb to the imagination. Yada yada…”

Well, I’m here to say,  maybe you aren’t any of these things. Maybe there is something yet to be uncovered. Let go of your personal story. Rewrite a new one in June.

It might not mean much but I’m a huge believer in the idea that we are all creative beings. In some, it might manifest more clearly. In others, it’s still hidden deep below the surface. Why are we so afraid to just embrace our creativity and own it?

A perfect example of this is my husband. He consistently exclaims that he’s not creative. It’s like he’s proud of owning this limiting belief. I call bullshit. That man can rearrange a room better than any high priced interior designer ever could. I’m telling you he has a gift. We tend to move a lot, and I’ll spend hours and hours analyzing where the furniture should go and he will walk in and rearrange the room and, voilà, it’s better than I ever could have imagined it to be!

Guys, we are entitled to be creative brings, so let’s be it! As Elizabeth Gilbert so perfectly states in her book Big Magic,

Creativity has been a part of culture and humanity for so long that it is by now an act of human nature, one that is even longer established than agriculture. All people are inherently and instinctively creative. All that has to be done is to overcome any hurdles, such as fears, that could be blocking that creativity from flowing outward. Further, people need to not only allow themselves to be creative, but to feel a powerful sense of personal entitlement when it comes to owning their creativity and right to express themselves.

We are not going to just be engaging in the woo-wooness of creativity. We are going to peel it back layer by layer and get tactical and practical about it. We are going to be debunking the idea that passion and inspiration have to be a integral part of your everyday life. (That’s just way too much pressure!)

Instead, we are going to explore the idea of tuning in, staying present and exploring your curiosity. Curiosity can lead to inspiration and inspiration can lead to creating something. We are also going to highlight several creative people that adhere to living a truly, unapologetic creative life. I cannot wait to be inspired by what they tell us. And there will be so much more.

So unwind, let go and decide, right here and now — you are creative. And there’s just not a damn thing you can do about it. So dig out of your burrow and join the party above ground so we can all sing along with you.

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