What If…

I wrote the poem below in reverence to moms everywhere — single moms, married moms, special needs moms, non-special needs moms, working moms, non-working moms, overwhelmed moms and lastly, moms who are just waking up every single day doing the best they can trying to find grace, healing and peace IN THE SPACE BETWEEN — that elusive, magical space between knowing and not knowing. Happy Mother’s Day.

What if…

We knew what was ahead…

The worry.
The fear.
The uncertainty.

Would it change our decisions or destiny?

What if…

We could control it all…

The milestones being met.
The friends to be made.
The grades to succeed.

Would we feel complete?

What if…

Our hearts weren’t so exposed…

Disappointments mitigated.
Challenges made easy.
The pain relieved.

Would we experience the fullness of it all?

What if…

There is no right way…

Too much. Too little.
Too soon. Too late.
Too harsh. Too soft.

Would we know we are okay?

What if…

The healing rests in the journey…

Finding beauty amongst chaos.
Simple moments ring true.
Mistakes bring growth.

Would we feel at peace?

What if…

The answers rest in the space between.

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