It’s May and All About Mom!

GE and Marleyuys-

It’s May, the month that we honor moms, and we’re pondering motherhood, women’s roles, mother figures and parenting on the blog.

While those of you with school aged kids know how busy this month can be, I find myself day dreaming about summer and its slower pace – what books I am going to read, vacations, less structured days, and more. In my house, May is a tricky month because both of my kids are in major burnout mode. They are irritable and dare I say, a bit SNARKY. After the craziness of this last month of school, summer is a welcomed exhale – NAMASTE NOW, PLEASE!!!

familyBut back to motherhood. Let’s face it – kids are an invitation to a life of structure and schedules, at least for 18 years. From the time they are born we plan their sleeping, meals, naps, school, after school activities and more, unless of course you are into the free-range parenting movement!  The do, do, do and go, go, go of the everyday can really eclipse the beautiful, mindful moments that bring shear and utter joy. As my kids get older and gain more independence I am reminding myself to savor these special moments. (OR, on some not so good days – ignore my family completely and hide at the spa – are you ready? Let’s go now. 😉 )

bcapgFor me, this month is especially emotional because my mom is battling cancer and she is smack dab in the middle of chemo treatments. She doesn’t feel well and, honestly, it just sucks. We are hoping she will feel up to being with us on Sunday, but we will play it by ear as they say. I definitely don’t believe in creating added pressures with these holidays. Sometimes I think the pressure to be together and make everything shiny and rosy takes away from the simplicity of honoring ourselves and our mothers. So my advice — keep it simple and relish the small stuff, like being served a short stack of blueberry pancakes in bed while watching Super Soul Sunday. Hmmm…that makes me happy.

And before I get too heavy, you guys have GOT to check out the trailer for the movie Bad Moms, opening this summer. I am dying. Cannot WAIT til July 29!

My guess is most of you can relate to Bad Moms. Motherhood isn’t always rainbows, lollipops and unicorns. Parenting is tough, ugly at times, loaded with philosophies and conflict, riddled with mistakes and regrets, fraught with emotion and insecurity. Best to accept this, learn something, try to do better, and laugh along the way. Let it go, moms!

This Mother’s Day I hope you moms get a free pass to put your dogs up and do whatever the heck you want. I hope you enjoy a lovely day being with family and celebrating the mother figures in your life.


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2 thoughts on “It’s May and All About Mom!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours! I didn’t know about your mom. I’ll be lifting her up in light and prayer.


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