Dear Harvey

Dear Harvey,

It’s been almost a month since we met, and I’m just now finding the words to rationalize what happened. I think it is safe to say that I, just like many other Houstonians, will be referring to my life in a pre and post Harvey manner. You took away a lot of things for many people, but in retrospect you gave us something too. In a world that often makes us question if humanity exists anymore, you allowed us to witness selfless acts of true, heart-felt compassion. Compassion so strong, so innate, that it almost makes me weak in the knees. The kind of compassion that only comes around every so often; the kind of compassion that is triggered by wanting to help in what feels like a helpless situation.

I have always believed that most people have inherently good souls- sometimes life gets in the way of those values, but every once in a while our souls react at such a high level of compassion and generosity where the self is removed and we act on pure, unfiltered love. You brought this out in people, Harvey. You ripped through homes and left water in places we hold dear.  The streets our children rode their bikes on until the streetlamps came on were turned into rivers in what felt like a matter of moments. You forced people out of their homes on jet skis and flat bottom boats. You soaked through memories, you displaced families, and to be honest, you overstayed your welcome.

You have left your mark on our city and on our souls as  you reminded everyone of us what it means to offer AND receive help. Watching caravans of people drive into our city to help strangers and watching people risk their lives to help others as their own homes were flooding has left a mark on my heart I will not soon forget. As you hung over our city we found ourselves no longer defined by factions- we were just humans helping humans. As my hero Brene Brown says in her new book, Braving the Wilderness, “We seem to have forgotten that even when we’re utterly alone, we’re connected to one another by something greater than group membership, politics, and ideology—that we’re connected by love and the human spirit. No matter how separated we are by what we think and believe, we are part of the same spiritual story.”

Never have I been more proud to call myself a Houstonian. As your water recedes and homes dry out, the web we wove in times of tremendous need have remained intact. We have supported each other and this city we call home, and we will continue to support each other as we rebuild- because WE ARE TEXANS and that is what we do.

Xoxo, Elaine

London Calling: Will You Answer?

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to introduce our Fall 2017 collection: London Calling. As you can see, we’re taking a trip to London this season. Steeped in historical tradition, London calls us to find the balance between honoring the old and new. Inspired by its rich history, London symbolizes a modern city in a constant struggle with what was, what is and what could be. It’s a place full of contradictions; yet it draws us in with its quintessential charm, distinguished civility, and fabled heritage.

While I was designing this collection, I came to a sudden realization– this wasn’t really all about London. London was simply a catalyst that brought me closer to the idea of how I want women to feel wearing this collection. The word FREEDOM kept coming to mind. And, with freedom comes fearlessness. And, with fearlessness comes true acceptance of who you are. This is the freedom I’m referring to – a freedom that enables you to be who you are today, not yesterday or tomorrow. But right here, right now.


In today’s world, there is so much pressure to define and edit yourself to a T. I believe our identities cannot be defined by one style. Our identities are not set in stone – we grow, evolve, change. We have different moods for different days. This collection celebrates our complexity and freedom to express ourselves in whichever way suits us in that moment.

Each piece in the collection has its own story that can be told and styled in a variety of ways while celebrating the beauty and power of being brave. For example, new to the brand is the Tibbie black distressed combat boots. An edgy 20-something woman can pair them with a moto jacket and messy bun while the soccer mom can throw them on with leggings and a blazer for a preppy look. Both have the freedom to switch up their style, to step outside their comfort zone and take a bold style risk.

Fall’s typical earthy tones and muted colors take a back seat to London’s revolutionary spirit. You can expect fuschia, cherry, lilac, and neoprene amidst earthy suedes. Bright colors can be seen in elegant dresses, tops, outerwear, striped panel shirting, and a standout glamorous peacock print. It’s all about having fun with your style and having the freedom to express your “perfectly imperfect” self.


For so many of us, our journey towards a false sense of perfection takes us down an exhausting albeit unfulfilling path. I not only found my fearless self in this collection, I also found fun! You can’t ever underestimate having fun and laughing at your own jokes (which I do often and my entire team is now completely used to and sick of). I found myself geeking out and belching out a high-pitched squeal (Yes, folks, it’s true—I have perfected the 15-year-old girl squeal) over my favorite embroidered dress in the collection and dancing to the latest Pit Bull tune while no one is watching. Whatever it is… it’s about embracing the moment and allowing yourself the freedom to experience it.

You know what’s not fun? Editing yourself or aspiring to finally arrive at some idea of a picture perfect, untouchable version of yourself- SO BORING. At Elaine Turner, we are about FUN, freedom and effortless style. We exist to enhance your already perfectly, imperfect self. My true joy is finding beauty in what’s real and being OK with yourself today. We are about having fun, being nice and knowing a laugh (or snort) begets a laugh (or snort). So, say goodbye to faking it and Hello to owning it!


And, to kick off our “BE YOU” journey, we are launching a “HOW DO YOU WEAR THE CROWN?” campaign. You will see us all over social media, in stores and online asking you to express yourself as only YOU can.

So, this season, we ask you: How do you #WearTheCrown?

In the essence of the season, watch my seasonal video on my inspiration of the season and, of course, me acting like a goofball. It’s always about having fun!




Trends Issue: Fall-Transition Apparel

So far, August has been all about equipping ourselves with the season’s latest, exciting trends. Yet, as we wait in anticipation for what’s to come with our sneak peek to fall, we realize there’s no better time to get our fashion ducks in a row than now!

We’ve talked jewelry with fun summer getaways to Santa Fe, circular handbags with versatile Shelly, and now it’s time to talk trendy apparel that takes us into the fall season with effortless ease and glamour. Our newest, transitional Apparel Capsule is in perfect step with the season’s must-have trends that are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. These trends are here to stay, making a timely style transition as we approach the fall. Trust me ladies, the two trends highlighted in our new apparel delivery will be the defining fashion features for the rest of 2017.

Have I given you goosebumps yet? Are you dying to know what they are? Don’t worry, I’m here to ease your fashion woes with two simple words: Embroidery and Denim.


From left to right: Bea Top, Pippa Top, and Miley Top.


Endless Embroidery

This season, it’s all in the embroidered details. Embroidery takes casual pieces to the next level, adding refined depth and personality to denim, cotton, leather, you name it. Suddenly, your favorite chambray top is a staple of your wardrobe, a piece made to make you shout from the mountaintops, “THIS is me!”

A Closer Look:

  • Meet Miley: the off-the-shoulder blouse with an elegantly embroidered upgrade. Her light, cotton material and flounce sleeves (trend alert!) provide the breezy look you need. Flower detailing on the sleeves make this top a fun and sophisticated piece that can go from day to night. Pair her with skinnies and your favorite flatforms for a super trendy look!
  • Bring on Bea. Whether at your favorite coffee shop, or your go-to brunch destination, the Bea top sets a classy and chic tone. Tapping into both the embroidery and shirting trend, this peplum and button down fusion is flattering on many different body types. Pair Bea’s navy and white stripes with your favorite jeans and strappy sandals for a day out in the sun!
  • Welcome Waylon. Waylon gives the button-down shirt-dress what it has always been missing: an embroidered hem that pops. It’s lightweight, yet structured, and striped shirting material instantly creates and elevates for a put-together look. Wear it loose and flowy with sneakers, or cinch the waist with the tie and strap on your wedges!


The Miley Top.


Daring Denim

Denim is seeing a major, major comeback. In fact, you’ll see this trend play throughout Fall; we even secured a partnership with jean brand DL 1961. But, we’ll go into that later. To play on this surging trend for now, we’ve taken a classic Elaine Turner staple and pushed it to the max: Tencel. In this apparel delivery, you’ll find the fiber offers even more softness, breathability, and all-around comfort to your wardrobe. Best of all, this flattering textile is environmentally friendly and incredibly sustainable. You’ll even discover that it works seamlessly with the other big trends of the season.

A Closer Look:

  • Peek at Pippa: What if being stylish and trendy was as easy as throwing on a shirt? Well, turns out it is. Pippa is the mid-blue chambray kaftan shirt that is hitting on all the major trends. Pair her with your white skinnies and hit the pavement for your daily errands or brunch with your gals.
  • Jumping for Joyce: Ride the denim on denim trend and pair this mid-blue, tencel chambray with your jean trousers. In the fabric world, tencel is associated with the word “drape,” which is textile-speak for flattering to any body type. Throw on Joyce with ease. Add a circle crossbody, summer wedges, and your chic sunnies for an effortless look.
  • Jealous over Jessie: Just because denim is functional and casual, doesn’t mean it can’t also be sexy. Jessie taps into the tie-string detail trend, giving this mid-blue chambray shift dress some sizzlin’ flair. Throw on Jessie’s tencel fabric with your summery, sexy wedges for a date night look, or dress it down with your sneakers for a day out and about.


The Pippa top. 


Bonus Round: Introducing Custom Elaine Turner Leggings!

Our eyes are open. Leggings are everywhere. And we know that each of our new apparel pieces goes flawlessly with perhaps the most versatile item ever. So what better time to introduce our custom Elaine Turner Leggings to the world than right now? Our black ponte knit leggings contain rayon, nylon, and polyester, essential for a high-rise cut that prevents slipping, sagging, and slims the waistline. Wear the black ponte leggings with everything, and don’t look back! This must-have item makes any outfit feel like pajamas but looks like everyday wear. We’re even taking these leggings a step further with two other styles this fall, stay tuned!


The Black Ponte legging.


There you have it! Our latest apparel delivery is bringing you the hottest trends of the moment: embroidery, denim, and (surprise!) leggings. Thank you for checking out the latest in Elaine Turner release. I am pumped to see where you take these trends this season!

XOXO, Elaine