The In-Between

I’ve had a long journey with Breast Cancer.

In 1988 as I was moving into my college dorm room I found out my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the first of three times and from there on out breast cancer has held a somewhat formidable place in my life. Sometimes breast cancer felt like the driver of a car going out of control, sometimes it felt like the passenger who was just a part of a bigger journey, and sometimes it took a nap in the backseat. In the years since my mother’s initial diagnosis, there have been many advancements in medicine and technology that have shifted the course of the breast cancer journey for a lot of women. These advancements have allowed the journey to feel like more of an interruption instead of a death sentence.


Through the ins and outs of my mother’s battle with breast cancer, I have had moments of clarity that have allowed me to look at breast cancer through a new lens. While I am so grateful for the developments in the medical field that have allowed my mother to live through two recurrences, I do not want to forget about the journey in between the diagnosis and remission. The vulnerable months and years of change- from losing your hair, to being bed-ridden, to derailing jobs, and interrupting your ability to care for your children. The sense of hope now offered with a diagnosis is a blessing, but I want to recognize the moments that are often lost in the shuffle of life and typically only seen by those closest to you. These moments comprise your journey and shape your life throughout your battle, and I want you to know I see them.


I’ve watched, firsthand, my Mother have to put her hopes and dreams on hold in order to deal with her health. My Mom is a writer and she is passionate about her work. When bad news comes her way, I see her passion fade, her momentum curbed and her focus shift to survival. But, here’s the thing about my Mom – she is a fighter. She’s the strongest person I know. She has handled her interruptions with hope, optimism and grace. Today she is still receiving treatment every three weeks but she’s back to feeling like her old self – kicking ass and taking names.

With all that said, my mission this month is to highlight the journey of women and men who have had breast cancer touch their lives. For Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’ve teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation whose mission is to provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services. Through partnerships like this, they are able to provide free mammograms in all 50 states. Yes, FREE!

Our boutiques, stylists and online store will donate 20% off proceeds from two custom jewelry pieces to this deserving charity. From the Crown Collection, a set of three stackable bracelets made of pink jade are topped with a gold crown adornment. The bracelets are hand strung and made from locally sourced materials in our Texas studio. A  Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon shaped charm, plated in 14 karat gold, can be mixed and matched with various chains for a supportive jewelry statement.

To highlight the women who’ve experience the ‘space in-between’ first hand, you can nominate a survivor or current fighter to receive an Elaine Turner shopping spree makeover through the Celebrate Her Journey Giveaway. These stories of survival and strength will be shared on our social media platforms throughout the month to celebrate these strong women. The recipient will be drawn at random and each nominee will receive a gift of encouragement.

Please join us in sharing your story, or the story of a friend- the WHOLE story. We want to hear about the good, the bad, and the bravely beautiful.

XO, Elaine




The September Issue

This season is close to my heart, as it was designed to truly live your life in. Crafted to inspire you while staying true to you and your style sensibility, these pieces are waiting to tell YOUR story. With so many fashion voices screaming at you with the hottest trends and must-have items, I want to take a step back and introduce you the way these pieces can transition into your life.

Step into this season’s hottest pieces and FALL in love with your fall wardrobe.



HOBOS have fast become one of my favorite silhouettes. I like to think of hobos as the work horse of bags- they are utilitarian and timeless. This season I decided to up the ante on a tried and true basic by injecting a very of the moment trend- EMBROIDERY.  Catching a glimpse of embroidery as I go throughout my day reminds me not to take myself or fashion too seriously. These chic carryalls get me from point A to point B without weighing me down or making me edit any of my daily essentials (cue 23 shades of red lipstick) out of my bag!



LOAFERS are a timeless staple in your wardrobe and this season they are running laps around other trends. With ease and sophistication, this silhouette is the piece that will fit seamlessly into your life. I have found myself planning outfits around our loafers because they translate in so many ways- with jeans, dresses, tapered slacks, and even shorts (hey, it’s still hot outside so why not!?). The plush, playful textiles act as a great building block for your outfit. Try pairing the Navy Velvet with a bold color for an element of excitement. Think of the cheetah haircalf as a neutral and mix it with color and bold prints for touch of unexpected fun.


in tune with style

GUITAR STRAPS make your everyday accessories hit a high note. The wide, comfortable strap makes this trend an easy one to get onboard with. This trend is music to any woman’s ears- everyone knows we thrive on options and guitar straps give you just that! From embroidery to cotton webbing, you can make this trend function however you want in your wardrobe- sporty chic or sweet feminine. I find myself switching straps from clutches to shoulder bags and back again. Invest in one of these straps and watch your beloved handbags go the extra mile.



SNEAKERS are one of my favorite trends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a glamorous wedge or heel- but let’s be honest, life is a lot easier in flats! I thank the fashion gods every day that athleisure has become a trend that is here to stay. Each season we love taking a sporty silhouette and dressing it up so that it can function across your life- from tailgating, to running errands, to work these sneakers keep you comfortable while staying chic. Try our satin sneaker on for size, step into our embroidered high tops, or lace up our velvet sneakers and feel the freedom of keeping up with your life at max speed.




BOLD COLOR is one of my favorite things about this season. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumnal colors but by mid-October I’m craving rich, saturated hues. Lucky for us jewel tones mixed with warm ambers are the pulse of the trends this season. From vibrant suedes in cherry and lilac, to custom peacock prints, and a gold silk robe/blazer I am planning on wearing bold colors all season. If bold color isn’t your thing, you can always turn down the dial by pairing these bold pieces with a great pair of denim or black legging- you can truly make these pieces function for your life.

Dear Harvey

Dear Harvey,

It’s been almost a month since we met, and I’m just now finding the words to rationalize what happened. I think it is safe to say that I, just like many other Houstonians, will be referring to my life in a pre and post Harvey manner. You took away a lot of things for many people, but in retrospect you gave us something too. In a world that often makes us question if humanity exists anymore, you allowed us to witness selfless acts of true, heart-felt compassion. Compassion so strong, so innate, that it almost makes me weak in the knees. The kind of compassion that only comes around every so often; the kind of compassion that is triggered by wanting to help in what feels like a helpless situation.

I have always believed that most people have inherently good souls- sometimes life gets in the way of those values, but every once in a while our souls react at such a high level of compassion and generosity where the self is removed and we act on pure, unfiltered love. You brought this out in people, Harvey. You ripped through homes and left water in places we hold dear.  The streets our children rode their bikes on until the streetlamps came on were turned into rivers in what felt like a matter of moments. You forced people out of their homes on jet skis and flat bottom boats. You soaked through memories, you displaced families, and to be honest, you overstayed your welcome.

You have left your mark on our city and on our souls as  you reminded everyone of us what it means to offer AND receive help. Watching caravans of people drive into our city to help strangers and watching people risk their lives to help others as their own homes were flooding has left a mark on my heart I will not soon forget. As you hung over our city we found ourselves no longer defined by factions- we were just humans helping humans. As my hero Brene Brown says in her new book, Braving the Wilderness, “We seem to have forgotten that even when we’re utterly alone, we’re connected to one another by something greater than group membership, politics, and ideology—that we’re connected by love and the human spirit. No matter how separated we are by what we think and believe, we are part of the same spiritual story.”

Never have I been more proud to call myself a Houstonian. As your water recedes and homes dry out, the web we wove in times of tremendous need have remained intact. We have supported each other and this city we call home, and we will continue to support each other as we rebuild- because WE ARE TEXANS and that is what we do.

Xoxo, Elaine